Making Meaning: The Monolith and the Object of Worship
Solo at Subsidiary Projects - Jan. 2018
Install Making Meaning 2018 Crucible and Dissapearing Screens.jpg
A solo show by Maria Positano on the human need to make physical artefacts, and on the generation of spiritual meaning through the manipulation of organic matter. 
The work featured in this show explore objects of worship and power. 
The object, as a result of an alchemical process, or sciamanic investiture, becomes a representation of the human strive to conceal the unknown things. 

Exploring the individual´s psychological engagement and immersive experience with the object, each artwork creates a charged space. This generates experiences that help understand and reflect on the self and the notion of being human.

The understanding of visual codes becomes the channel for unified communication between worshipers and the worshiped. The creator becomes a vessel for translating the spiritual into the physical.  

Exposed Arts Projects - 12 - 15 January 2018
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