Maria Positano shaped her practice through commitment to process and sensitivity to materials. Her objects are the result of an enquiry in the relentless connection between internal research and making. Her artistic practice attempts to be a tool for self-knowledge and comes from the intimate yearning to reach an understanding of the structures and dynamics that constitute the necessity to make.

Her work reflects upon the ways in which we process our surroundings and experience. The artist is exposing the idea of original creation and her interest lays in how we generate meaning though making,

She adopts materials and processes with ancient connotations, associated with time and the tradition of making thought history: these include the chosen materials [ wood, copper, bronze, casting sand] and the processes applied [steam bending, hammering and shaping metal, bronze casting, weaving, moulding]. Bending, compressing and ‘pushing’ each material, revealing, through manipulation, it’s fundamental and structural core in search for glimpses of our primal existence.

The artist is interested in the individual´s engagement with the familiar, yet unacquainted, object and attempts to create a space for this contact. Our contemporary understanding of historical and visual codes becomes the ground for the work, within this process emerges the figure of the archetypal Demiurge [or artist, shaman, alchemist, smith], and the notion of original creative intent. Purpose and intent exist in the realm of self-aspiration, this yearning to achieve beyond tangible results, is for the artist at the core of generating objects of art.


BA (Hons) Fine Art, City and Guilds London Art School, London (2015/2018)


- 2018 

Making Meaning: The Monolith and the Object of Worship, Subsidiary Projects, London UK 



I Tread on the steps You Left me, a two person show, The Rectory Projects, May, London, UK

The Take Courage Gallery Re – Launch Party, curated by Joshua Vaughan and in collaboration with Exchange Project, The Take Courage Gallery, April, London, UK

The Signature Art Prize Finalists, curated and promoted by DegreeArt, Trinity Gallery, February - March, London, UK


Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, November, London, UK

Young Contemporary Talent Purchase Prize, curated by Jo Baring, The Cello Factory, November, London, UK

The Clyde and Co Art Award, June 2018 – July 2019. London. UK

BA Degree Show, City and Guilds London Art School, June, London, UK

ARENA Art Fair No.1., Arena Business Centre, London, UK

Dimensions, Menier Gallery, March, London, UK

One Need Not Be a Chamber, curated by Sasha Burkhanova-Khabadze, Exposed Art Project, January - March, London, UK

UNFRAMED, curated by Yi Zang, Arena Business Centre, London, UK


Temporary Autonomous Art Collective, ExFex, London, UK

Intermedieries, curated by Helen Frick, Rijksmuseum Twenthe, June, Enshede, NL

Interim Show, City and Guilds London Art School, May, The Crypt Gallery, London, UK

Temporary Autonomous Art Collective, Hoxton, London, UK


       Temporary Autonomous Art Collective, ExFex, London, UK 

        Il Barattolo, Bologna, IT 

        Interim Show, City and Guilds London Art School, Old Diorama Arts Centre, London, UK 


        C'Arte, Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli, Napoli, IT    

        Mostra Collettiva G30, SpazioUnderG, Napoli, IT 


PADA Studios. 1 month Residency. Barreiro, Portugal. 4th October – 1st November 2019. 
RUC – Rural Residency for Contemporary Art Residency. Val Camonica, ITA. June 2019. 
AKI University residency with the artist Helen Frik; creating an intermediary sculptural object to be paired with an artwork of the Rijksmuseum Twenthe glassware collection. April 2017.       
Artist in residence an artist talk, Incontri 'A scuola D'arte', Istituto Suor Orsola Benincasa, Naples. On the theme of being a young emerging artist in London. Presentation of the work with following Q&A. April 2015. 



Shortlisted for the ACS Studio Prize, 2019

Finalist at The Signature Art Prize, 2019

Finalist at The Ingram Collection Purchase Prize, 2018

Winner of The City and Guilds London Art School Sculpture Prize, 2018

Selected for the Clyde and Co Art Award Scheme, 2018

Shortlisted for the Acme City & Guilds of London Art School Studio Award, 2018

Shortlisted for the Clyde and Co Blank Canvas Award, 2018

Winner of The Merlin Entertainments' Madame Tussauds Project Fund Award, 2017

Shortlisted for The Fishmongers’ Company Beckwith Sculpture Scholarship and Travel Award, 2017

Shortlisted to The Idun Ravndal Travel Award, 2017

Shortlisted for the Artists' Collecting Society Award, 2017


Directory Artist. Floor Magazine. 2019

Solo interview on my practice by Isabel Sachs. Issue 20. Floor Magazine. June 2019

Degree Shows 2018: a kitsch juxtaposition and an amazing installation.Mention on my Degree Show Install. a.n The Artists Information Company. June 2018

Introducing Maria Positano. Artpiq, Katharina Wenzel-Vollenbroich. September 2018